Kandalakshа Sea Trade Port

Kandalaksha Sea Trade Port — stevedore operator in the sea port of Kandalaksha.
The port of Kandalaksha was founded in 1915 and located as a White Sea for dry cargo in the heart of Murmansk region on the North-West of Russia.
Over the Arctic Circle Port of Kandalaksha is the multipurpose dry-cargo terminal.

The port intended for loading ships for export of bulk and general cargo that enters the port by rail and road, as well as for the reception of goods the import direction. Commercial Sеа Роrt of Kandalaksha has an international status, on its territory there are border and customs posts.

All year-round navigation access for Handysize and Handymax type vessels up to 45 000 mt DW. Winter navigation from mid-December till mid-May continues with the use of icebreakers. Port entrance restrictions: maximum LOA – 210 m, breadth – 32 m, draught – 9,8 m. Regular port calls by MSCO, Norden, FEDNAV, NAVIBULGAR, WILSON etc.

The port has a developed infrastructure of production facilities, technological access and rail tracks, roads, storage areas for cargo both open and closed storage, and spaces for the storage of customs cargo.

Please find attached the Booklet with general information on Port of Kandalaksha.




Competetive features



  • International deep-sea port in Arctic
  • Gateway to Europe and door to Arctic from Russian North-West
  • Client-oriented mentality, personal approach and readiness to meet Client’s needs
  • Excellent nautical access and port facilities
  • Regular shipments of break-bulk, coal, Ro-Ro, containers, steel and forest products
  • Storage and logistic facilities enabling customers to create an added value in logistic chains
  • Good connections to the foreland via rail and road transpor
  • Transshipment point between sea and inland navigation
  • Safe, stable and quick availability of all usual nautical services and extra facilities
  • Ultimate port for handling of break-bulk cargoes on the White Sea
  • Over 50 years of specialized experience in servicing Arctic shipments and supplies
  • Terminal operations and shore supply base facilities for off-shore operators