Kandalakshа Port

Winter navigation

Ice breaking assistance terms and conditions

Sufficient ice-breaker assistance for entering port of Kandalaksha is provided during winter time (mid-December till mid-May).

Usually one icebreaker conducts vessels in White sea narrows while the second one assists vessels in White sea and Kandalaksha gulf.

Traffic of vessels to port of Kandalaksha during winter navigations is regular.

There are no scheduled daily traffic but vessels to Arkhangelsk also use this route as well as vessels proceeding through Northern Sea Route.

There is no ice in sea till narrows of White sea.

In narrows ice-breaker is on watch 24/7.

Master of ice-breaker can ask vessels to form a convoy and go together.

In case the vessel stuck in ice on approaches to Kandalaksha then it will be assisted by ice-breaker quickly.

The only delay can be if there are several stucked vessels same time in same area.

In this case vessels will be set free one by one (priority by ice-breaker master according to existing situation).

Enclosed please see information on ice-class requirements and limitations
as per port by-laws: KANDALAKSHA PORT BY LAWS

Please also take into consideration CORRESPONDANCE OF SHIPS CLASSES

There is difference in d/a for ice-dues rate summertime vs wintertime.

Winter rate (15.11-15.05) = 2,2 x Summer rate.

PDA proforma can be requested from
port agents: agency@arctt.ru